At the Fire's Edge

Reclaiming the Sacred at the Fire's Edge

For more than a decade, Tom has been guiding fire ceremonies for himself, his community, and people seeking spiritual healing to rediscover their passion, purpose, and place on the Earth.

From weekend wellness retreats to blessing ceremonies ushering in the changing seasons, these fire circles hold the sacred space for spiritual healing, meditation, and leaning into the powerful.

Before the strike of a match, Tom takes time to set the sacred circle where the fire will burn. As he sprinkles a combination of cornmeal, salt, and tobacco both inside and outside the fire ceremony circle, he offers words of intention: peace, understanding, love, joy, wisdom, guidance, clarity, ease, grace, strength, light, wonder, curiosity, beauty, power, forgiveness and surrender.

The ritual follows with a welcome of the directions. Beyond the four cardinal directions, he welcomes the above and below, the within, the ancestors, the children, the elements of fire, air, water, and earth.

He welcomes the mystery and the energies that guide and protect us. He honors cultures past and those still living, while readying his own knees for humility, awe, and, ultimately, truth.

And with those offerings and blessings, the sacred flame is lit, and the fire circle begins. This is a powerful space in which each person has the opportunity to offer their prayers and blessings, their gratitude and unburdening. The response of those participating is wholly natural.

Tom hosts these healing, transformational fire circles and wellness retreats for small groups, individuals, people with cancer, school faculties, mastermind groups, men’s and women’s groups, children, and teens, to name a few. He is also available to meet you wherever you are in the U.S. or internationally.

We are distracted by the noise in our world. For all the gifts of technology, it pulls us away, and we forget – where we come from, who we serve. We forget our truth. We want to remember who we are and be present to the truth that lives inside. The fire circles help people clear the way and to reclaim the sacred.”

At the fire of our creative spirit lies our deepest desire to be known—
to be seen, heard and felt in the world,
a desire to live true to our purpose, our vision and values, and all that we hold sacred.

Together at the fire we find our way to spiritual healing and create openings to hold us in our exploration.

We share sacred space that awakens a memory of who we are.

We discover the power of ceremony, the gift of blessing, the freedom of forgiveness, the peace of surrender, and a depth of gratitude that provides a clearing for knowing who we came here to be and what we came to do.

We begin our journey on holy ground,
in sacred places,
on the earth,
at the fire,
under the open sky,
engaging in courageous conversations with each other and in brave encounters with our sacred self, listening for our authentic voice,
our true-voice.

We remember what we already know –
and clarify what is most important to us, what we live for.

We remember why we came and Who sent us.

We recognize the voice that speaks our name and listen for what is ours to hear.

What does it take to reclaim the sacred in your life?

How do you find your way to the truth of who you are and the language of the soul that serves you in your quest?

It is from this place of inquiry and a deep desire to know our purpose that we begin.


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