How Do We Reclaim the Sacred in Our Lives?

How Do We Reclaim the Sacred in Our Lives?

How do we reclaim the sacred in our lives? How do we find the way to the truth of our being and to the full expression of our spirit—for ourselves, our children, community and tribe?

To reclaim the sacred means remembering who we are and Who walks with us. Knowing the ground we walk upon is sacred ground because of who we are, and because Those Who have gone before us have blessed it with Their innocence and Their peace.

Reclaiming the sacred means revitalizing the language of the soul, becoming conversant with words that express our deeply held values and nebulous stirrings of the heart with a meaning that is our own, and to use this language boldly.

To reclaim the sacred means being willing to stand between earth and sky, utterly alone, and surrender to a Will that is not our own, but belongs to us all the same, to discover the truth that lives at the heart of our existence.

Reclaiming the sacred is an act of great clarity and courage. It is the one thing we must do for ourselves if we are to be true to our calling, and our purpose, and to give the gifts we came to share in this lifetime. 

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