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Join us for a New Moon Fire Ceremony
Live Streaming, Thursday, September 17th.

Harness the Powerful Energy of the Moon—and Fire!

For thousands of years every culture followed the moon—and discovered ways to track its movements across the sky—as an organizing principle for life. The moon influences the tides, emotion and intuition.

The element of Fire has the power to create and transform. Since the beginning of man’s presence on the earth, fire has been used for warmth, protection, and divine guidance. 


JOIN US at the fire under the New Moon. Awaken your ability to harness the energy of earth and sky.

Use these Powerful Energies to:

  • Clarify your intentions
  • Breathe new life into projects, ventures and relationships
  • Create your own ritual—take the ordinary and make it sacred.

The New Moon Fire Ceremony is a symbolic way to clean the slate, ground your energy and create a new beginning—now.

Sign up and receive a powerful practice to use during times of change and in preparation for the new moon ceremony.

At the Fire you will:

  • Discover your authentic voice.
  • Set powerful intentions.
  • Strengthen your connection to Earth and Spirit.

Gain the tools you need to:

  • Free you from the past
  • Release your fears
  • Gain the clarity to move forward in life in a meaningful way.

Register Now for the Virtual Fire $37

Recording provided for those who register.

Join the live question and answer time with Tom after the ceremony.


Dr. Tom Garcia

Tom is a shamanic teacher spiritual guide, and mentor who helps you find your authentic voice and true purpose—on earth, at the fire, in sacred ceremony.

Tom shares wisdom teachings through ceremony, ritual, storytelling and writing.

He listens for your true voice to emerge and draws you into the light of your own wisdom.

Tom lives with his family in the mountains of Southwest, Colorado in an ancient corridor of beauty, magic and splendor.