Coffee With the Boss: A Morning Ritual

Coffee With the Boss: A Morning Ritual

First thing in the morning I don’t bother to check email, read the newspaper or listen to the news. Heaven forbid!

My standing commitment every morning, first thing, is coffee with the Boss, if you know what I mean. It’s a fixed point, like the North Star, in my morning routine—a non-negotiable time spent in the Presence, while the ego sleeps and the Mind is awake.

Giving ourselves time to begin the day with a calm state of mind is a gift. With no agenda other than quietly checking in, we find our way to being in-the-flow, peacefully oriented toward life. This is sacred time, in sacred space—the best way to start the day.

If you’ve been wondering what to do to improve the quality of your life in this regard, please read on.

When we are focused and clear, we are better prepared to handle upsets and the unexpected.

We are more willing to accept what is without distress. We improve our chances of being positive and optimistic no matter what happens.

The highest priority before the first cup of coffee is even finished is attending to our vertical connection, which is our relationship with Spirit.

As soon as my feet hit the floor, a mantra starts running through my mind, “Get my coffee, get to my chair.”

My Simple 3 Step Ritual:

**Step 1:**  Get your coffee (or tea, or lemon water), get to your chair.

This takes the guesswork out of what to do first thing, even if you’re half asleep. Take your water bottle with you too—this can be thirsty work.

**Step 2:**  Read something inspirational or spiritual—a poem or prayer, a passage or paragraph from your favorite book.

This will focus your mind and sharpen your ability to listen for inner wisdom, the still small voice. When the ego is quiet, you can focus on higher order thoughts and cultivate a fertile place in your mind for insights, inspiration and creativity.

**Step 3:**  Sit comfortably, eyes closed, with the back of one hand resting in the palm of the other, it doesn’t matter which.

Gently allow your mind to contemplate the morning reading. Remember what you're grateful for. Decide to offer a blessing to yourself and your family. Or simply rest in silence, in the deep relinquishment of everything that clutters up your mind.

A few tips:

•Imagine turning over all your worries and concerns and letting go
•Have pen and paper nearby to capture inspired thoughts, ideas or important tasks
•Write down the name(s) of someone you need to reach out to
•Journal the conversation you’re having with yourself

I’ll share my Daily Prayer with you, in my own words. It begins this way:

My Daily Prayer

Holy Spirit, Thank you for this day.

Thank you for setting the Priority, for orchestrating the details of this day in Divine Order and aligning my will with Yours.

Thank you for shining Your Light into my mind and helping me to see with Your clear Vision.

Into Your Presence I enter now and into Your Hands I place my life, my future, my will, my fear, my judgments…

Here I am Lord, decide for me, heal me. Show me love, forgiveness, trust and surrender… so I will know what these are.

Thank you.

Thank You for watching over me, my family, our home, community, friends and extended family…

Thank you.

If you have a prayer you’ve memorized, speak it aloud. Pray in your own words, too.

Prayer is the natural communication between the created and the Creator. Think of yourself as a powerful receiving and sending channel, a distinct consciousness capable of direct communication with the Creator of that consciousness. I find that helpful.

Through daily prayer, we deepen and strengthen our connection with God, Spirit, the Divine. This ever evolving relationship with our Creator, in order to thrive, requires our love, attention, and devotion.

So, first thing, it’s just you and the Boss having a tête-à-tête over a cup of coffee. What happens after that is out of our hands, thank God!

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