Our Work

Life, Wisdom, and the Path to Peace

My work was born from a series of events culminating in the humbling and intimate experience of helping a close friend transition from this life.

I began going into the woods, making altars and building fires… prayer fires. I felt driven in a way I couldn’t explain, a spontaneous impulse I couldn’t ignore. What awoke in me was a determination to find answers to big questions, like “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?” The hunger for spiritual wisdom put me on a path to peace… at the fire’s edge.

Early in my quest, through meditation and deep inquiry, I discovered the presence of an inner voice, an internal guide. I embarked on an exploration of life’s grand themes, like forgiveness, surrender, trust, gratitude, peace, and healing. I experienced a firsthand introduction to the force of nature. My guide was exceedingly patient and supportive even though I was a slow and often reluctant student.

It has taken me many years to bring this work forward, a collaborative effort between myself and my inner guidance. I am the guy on the ground, in the trenches, and it’s my job to find the words, the language, to convey the messages given me. This is my chosen path of service. I come as a brother.

“To reclaim the sacred, I stood in a fire of my own making and broke my own heart. I wanted a truth I could live by… to help others to find their truth."

Is This Work for You?

When you hear the call.
Who do you tell?
You know you have a purpose, a mission.
What is it?
You are driven to go deeper into the meaning of your life.
Where do you go?
What do you do?

Come to the Fire.

Our work is to go to ground.
Create sacred space together.
Trust the way that opens.
Answer the call.
Discover what is yours to do.
Guided to a truth you can live by.

I share the Peace Wheel as it was given to me at the fire.

These grand themes are Qualities of Being.

The Four Cardinal Directions: Prayer, Purpose, Grief, Blessing.
The Four Corners: Surrender, Gratitude, Trust, Forgiveness.
At the Center: Peace. All held in a Circle of Love, encompassed in a Field of Light, represented by white space.

The meaning this graphic conveys is that each of the Qualities of Being at the Four Directions and Four Corners, lead to Peace at the Center, encircled by Love, the creative Life Force, embedded in a Field of Light— the pure, undifferentiated energy of Intelligence, the Nature of the Universe.

We create the conditions for Peace when we offer our prayers, give our blessings, follow our true purpose, and give ourselves over wholeheartedly to the grief of letting go.
Love is the matrix, the creative life force, the force of creativity, sexuality and creation that gives rise to form… the energy that creates life and worlds.

Each Quality of Being is a portal, a way in, and when the conditions for Peace are met, its presence is experienced.

Together these Qualities of Being form a powerful network of support connecting humanity to the Creator, from Whom we are never truly separated.

During our retreats At the Fire’s Edge, we explore these grand themes as deep as your heart will allow and to a depth not ordinarily available in your everyday life. Through shamanic practices, ceremony, meditation, sacred breath and journaling, we take you to ground, on the earth, under the open sky—at the fire’s edge—where you connect with your own inner wisdom and the voice that speaks your name, where you find the answers you seek for your life.

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