Inspiration & Source Material

“Now is the season to know that everything you do is sacred.”

My greatest teachers continue to be nonphysical. These teachings are channeled through books, audio, live presentations, and from my own direct experience at the fire’s edge, in what I refer to as “source material”— straight from the source, clear, undiluted and with the ring of truth.

The Inspiration Source Material for personal growth work that has influenced my life and perspective over the years…

Landmark Education. I took the EST training (which later became Landmark) when I was 18 years old, setting the stage for several years of personal growth and exploration through seminars, weekend workshops, satellite events, the 6 Day Course, the Mastery of Empowerment and other programs. This work helped me to grow up.

Outward Bound’s Leadership Development Program, outdoor experiential education, shaped my perspective on leadership and deepened my love of the desert and mountains.

The ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure for men was a transformational experience that led me to reclaim the sacred masculine in my life. I participate in weekly men’s circles, staff weekend trainings, and facilitate fire ceremonies for our men’s community.
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Heartwood Cohousing, My wife, Carin, and I raised our 4 children in this intentional community where we have lived for the last 15 years. Living in community is itself a personal growth experience.


Reclaim the Sacred Interview with Dr Tom in Budapest, Hungary June 2019

Listen to a podcast interview of Dr. Tom on KDUR


The Power Path:


A Course in Miracles—Foundation for Inner Peace

The Law of Attraction—Esther & Jerry Hicks

Disciplines of the Holy Grail—Flower A. Newhouse

Living with Joy—Sanaya Roman

Emmanuel’s Book—Pat Rodegast

I Come as a Brother—Bartholomew

Soulcraft—Bill Plotkin, PhD

Return of the Bird Tribes—Ken Carey

The Power of Now—Eckhart Tolle

The Silence of the Heart—Paul Ferrini

The Prophet—Kahlil Gibran

How to Change Your Mind—Michael Pollan

The Doors of Perception—Aldous Huxley

Outwitting the Devil—Napolean Hill

Reflections on the Art of Living—Joseph Campbell



Reclaim: To shout back or “call back a hawk to the glove.”

Sacred: entitled to reverence and respect.

Forgive: to overlook.

Pray: to communicate with the Creator.

Prayer: a communication of the created with the Creator.

Bless: To make holy, to ask divine favor for.

Blessing: An invocation.

Invoke: to call on for blessing.

Peace: A state of tranquility or quiet.

Sacrament: something that is sacred.

Sacrosanct: most sacred or holy, inviolable.

Ceremony: a set of formal acts.


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