Sacred Art

Spiritual Sacred Art Straight from Nature

As a symbol to remind us of our connection to the Earth, to one another, and to our Creator, Tom presents his offering of spiritual sacred art through handcrafted prayer sculptures carefully chosen from elements found on the land. These artistic expressions capture both long-standing Native American and shamanic traditions while also celebrating the culture we find and create for ourselves as time goes by.

For Tom, the prayer sculpture is not only a vessel for spiritual healing; it is sacred art, showcasing fragrant bundles

of hand-picked sage, sweetgrass, cedar, tobacco, and corn intertwined with feathers from turkey, owl, hawk, and peacock.

Healing crystals bathed in the moonlight of a full lunar cycle and collected from inspired places are included.

Whatever prayer of gratitude or blessing your heart speaks, this precious nature art encourages the forgiveness, trust, and surrender we need to let go, honor the truth, and find our way to clarity and peace.

spiritual sacred art

Blessing Sculpture

spiritual sacred art

Healing Sculpture

spiritual sacred art

Peace Sculpture

spiritual sacred art

Giving Sculpture

Prayer Sculpture Elements

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  • Morning Retreat
  • Balinese Massage
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