Significant Journey

Significant Journey

We are on a significant journey in this lifetime. For many of us, it’s a long and arduous return to love, a return to the truth of who we are and our connection to Source. Like the strains of a distant melody, our relationship with the Intelligence that created us is a song we know well but have forgotten the words. The ego always dissolves at its sound.

Finding the words, the language, to express our love and gratitude for That which we call God is the work of a lifetime. Every day we must cultivate our connection. It’s the most important relationship we will ever have.

Each of us has a purpose, a mission. Do you know what your purpose is? The circumstances of our lives, the way we have been raised, the situations we find ourselves in, are all intended to help us wake up and discover our deeper purpose, the mission we have been given to fulfill in this lifetime. Rather than curse the conditions, ask for help understanding the lessons. Surrender your willfulness and accept what is expansive enough to see what you need to see about yourself, but be gentle.

Overcoming our perceived separation from God can be the hardest, yet most necessary work we will ever do. We all need a bit of rest and a measure of forgiveness when we realize how resistant we have been. Ultimately, withholding love is all that stands in the way of everything we’ve ever wanted. Inside of love is joy, forgiveness, trust, surrender, and peace. First, we must acknowledge that whatever stands in the way of love, we put there—and then created a story to go with it that justifies the obstacles to giving and receiving love.

Do you see? We have full responsibility for our lives. No one did anything to us and no one is going to save us. It’s on us to awaken from this dream, but we are not alone in our awakening.

The story that drove us to be all that we could be, has served us well. It’s the same story that says we’re too much—too smart, too pretty, too cocky. Or not enough—not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, or rich enough. The same story that got us here is not the story that will take us where we want to go. We have to leave the old story behind because where we are going, we can’t take it with us.

All that matters is the truth of who we are and why we are here. The new story must be a match to the significance of the journey we are on in this lifetime. No one can tell this story for us. The highest priority we have is to remove the obstacles to love and become a clear vessel for the expression of love through us. And then see what happens.

When the memory of who we are dawns upon an unclouded mind, we remember the Creator and our connection to all creation. This is a miracle.

Forgiveness is an earthly form of love. As we forgive ourselves, we forgive others. Forgiveness is a practice, a way of being in the world without causing harm. As we move gently through life, we see with clear eyes everyone and everything around us. Without forgiveness we are still blind.  The healing of our sight—how we see the world—is the healing of the world and begins right where we are.

The ego sees the world in a particular way. It sees through eyes of fear and finds evidence everywhere it looks. From the ego’s perspective, you, who trespassed against it, do not deserve forgiveness, and furthermore, ego needs to defend itself against the likes of you. Fear is a fertile seed, a tiny mad idea that we are separate, planted so long ago that time forgot. It blooms instantly and grows wildly. Fear isolates and chokes the life out of everything in and around us.

Neglect to plant the seed of fear in the first place. Instead, hold it lightly and with the breath of kindness, bless the fear and let it go. In its place sow love, sow forgiveness. Drop to your knees and give thanks. The life we have is sacred. It is a gift, and we are sacred beings. Anchor this memory through prayer, through simple acts of kindness and acknowledging those around you.

You have a purpose, a mission. The journey you are on in this lifetime is significant—to you, to those you love, and to those whose lives you touch. Remember you are loved. Let yourself be a vessel for the expression of love through you.

Dr. Tom Garcia is a shaman and transformational guide who helps people discover their authentic voice and unearth their highest calling. Through wisdom born of experience and genuine humility, he helps awaken, strengthen, and deepen your connection within. Tom’s gentle presence and clear guidance leads you past fear and uncertainty into the light of your own understanding.

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