Join us for a Sunrise Solstice Fire Ceremony, Live Streaming, Saturday June 20th.
6 AM Mountain | 8 AM Eastern | 5 AM Pacific | 12 PM GMT

Discover the Ultimate Key to Thriving: The POWER of LETTING GO

Do you feel trapped by the unpredictability of change? By the instability and distraction of fear, anger—even despair?

For thousands of years every culture known to man has used fire for warmth, protection, and divine guidance.  

Fire is a transformative element, a force for deep change and transformation.

The Fire Ceremony is an opening into uncharted territory, an exploration of your own inner realms.

JOIN US as we gather around the fire to awaken your ability to harness the energy of change and experience the grace of things falling into place.

Imagine feeling:
  • Genuinely positive and determined when you get out of bed
  • Focused and inspired throughout the day
  • Stronger and more clear in your thoughts  

Use the Fire Ceremony to burn away your fears and let go the obstacles in your mind. Let there be peace. 

At the Fire you will:

  • Discover the power of your authentic voice.
  • Learn to know yourself in all aspects of your being and why you are here at this time.
  • Strengthen your connection to Earth and Spirit.

Gain the tools you need to:

  • Free you from the past
  • Release your fears
  • Gain the clarity to move forward in life in a meaningful way.

Register Now for the Solstice Fire: $37

Recording provided for those who register.

Join the live question and answer time with Tom after the ceremony.

Dr. Tom Garcia

Tom is a shamanic teacher and spiritual guide—a practical mystic—who shares a heartfelt perspective of universal knowledge and truth, expressed through ceremony and ritual, writing, storytelling and teaching.

Tom works close to the earth and the fire engaging those who seek truth and their own awakening, drawing them into the light of wisdom and authenticity.

Listening deeply for the truth in others allows their authentic voice to emerge in a spacious exploration that is both intense and joyful.

Tom lives with his family in the mountains of Southwest, Colorado in an ancient corridor of beauty, magic and splendor.