Writings From the Fire’s Edge

Finding Your Way

How many times have you found yourself afraid to open up, unsure if what was in your heart could be held by another? Or too proud to ask for help because you couldn’t admit to yourself that you needed it? Or stoically hiding the pain of what you thought was failure, ashamed to acknowledge or...

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Gossamer and Other Delicate Things

The voice didn’t barge in. It came quietly; so distinct and clear there was no denying its presence. I didn’t even bother to ask, “Who are you?” because I knew. It was a voice I had not heard before and it has been with me ever since our first encounter. Eleven years ago I found my voice, or...

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Reclaiming the Sacred

“Indeed, it is the most difficult thing in the entire human experience—to claim your Self, your Life, your Light, your Truth and your God.”  ~Emmanuel A hospice nurse was in the room with my sister when our dad drew his last breath. The nurse, working efficiently, got on the phone and started...

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Free Your Mind

It would do the world good to have you free from the confines of your mind free to be, to think and see beyond and through the compelling illusion of who you think you are because you are so much more than you know although you catch glimpses… you are so loved we hold such space for you so let...

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The Medicine of Forgiveness 

By Tom Garcia Published in Epic magazine. “The only meaningful prayer is for forgiveness. Without forgiveness I will still be blind.” ~ A Course in Miracles. Some years ago, I had a falling out with my dad. At the time, he was living in Las Vegas with my uncle and they were both...

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Into the Light

Out of darkness into the Light to see and be seen give and receive love share the gift you’ve been given surrender to a Will that is yours but not of you to serve humanity at the highest level and the lowest without reservation when all that’s left is to answer the call and know the truth of...

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